The state of Texas requires that you hold a minimum level of insurance. If you do not meet those minimum standards, you are at risk of receiving an FMFR violation, also called a failure to maintain financial responsibility violation or a no insurance traffic ticket. These traffic tickets can cost you anywhere from $175 to $300. Most of us really cannot afford that fee.

How Bonnie Wolf Can Help You

Bonnie Wolf can help you avoid expensive penalties. You have a few options when you are faced with a no insurance traffic ticket.

Dismissal: Sometimes your traffic ticket can be dismissed if you can show proof of insurance.

Probation: In some cases, a no insurance traffic ticket cannot be dismissed, but it can be removed from your permanent record.

Bonnie Wolf will be able to sort through the details of your case and help you decide the best course of action and save you unnecessary fines. Next time you receive a traffic ticket for not carrying your insurance, be quick and call The Wolf. The longer you wait the worse your penalty could be.