Have you received a notice that your license will be suspended?

The first step is to request a hearing.  This will give you an opportunity to review and make sure the State does not suspend your driving privileges.  Bonnie can help you through the process and work to prevent you from losing your right to drive.  

Is your license already suspended?

Bonnie can help you obtain an Occupational Driver’s License or an ODL.  This type of driver’s license can allow you to go to and from work, perform essential household duties, and take child-related trips with peace of mind that you are driving legally. You shouldn’t have to worry about an arrest or a ticket on your way to work or school. Bonnie understands the fear and embarrassment of being arrested when you have no other choice to make ends meet. She works diligently to provide the quickest results available.   In most cases, we can obtain an  ODL in 3 weeks OR LESS.  We can help you obtain the right insurance, file the paperwork and make sure that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. Courts can be intimidating and the paperwork confusing.

The Wolf can take the stress out of the process. Call today to see if you are eligible for an ODL!

Bonnie can also help you understand the process towards obtaining a valid driver’s license without an ODL.  She can help you navigate the DPS Surcharge system, the OMNI Hold system and even help you pay your Reinstatement fees.